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How to shop in our e-shop

How to shop in our eshop ?


1)      Click on the English flag at the top in the middle of the page so that the information would be shown in English language.

2)      You can find the switcher of currencies next to the symbols of flags at the top in the middle of the page. Select the symbol for the currency, which you want to use, and click on that symbol – all prices will be shown you in the currency selected by you.

3)      Select the item, which you like and you would like to buy. Choose the quantity of the item to buy. Unfortunately very often is available only one piece of the item, sometimes are available 2 pieces of the item. It is not possible to buy more pieces of the item, than in stock is, and it is not possible to order goods into production. We react to the bussines by watching, what is sold, and giving new goods into production on the basis of these sales and it is in our interest so that the goods would be in our eshop. Unfortunately the time of production is very long.

4)      The delivery is provided by various carriers. Currently, updating and connecting to another carriers and using of their possibilities is in progress. It will be charged you during the completation of the order.

5)      If you order goods for the amount higher than 500 CZK (about 21 USD), use the volume discount. The discount can be entered by the discount coupon – the number, which you can on the page, on which you can find a link in the bottom part of the page. So you get an interesting discount. It is important to enter by hand the code of the discount coupon.

6)      We prefer the payment by your credit card in Paypal systém for payments, which are made outside Europe. The possibility of the payment of your order by Paypal systém will be offered during the completion of your order. You can utilize this possibility and pay the order by this way. If you would to pay the order by another way for any reason (you are from Europe or another reason) – choose bank transfer as the payment method. Don´t do the bank transfer until we contact you with the exact information for the payment (we will send you an invoice).

7)      We will certaily inform you on your email about the sending of the consignment and the tracking number.

8)      Goods is very well packed and mostly the goods is not damaged. If you see, that the consignment is evidently damaged, refuse to accept it (the consignment will be send us back). Of course we will immediately give you your money back. In the case of any reclamation don´t hesitate to inform us. We will solve the reclamation to your happiness !

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